Motorbike Insurance

People will need to purchase insurance for their motorbikes just like they need to do for their cars. They will be able to obtain the same type of cover for their motorbikes as for their vehicles, and they may be able to receive several discounts off of their cover. An added bonus is that these types of motorbike insurance plans are often highly flexible.

Types of Motorbike Policies

As can be expected, people can purchase a comprehensive policy for their motorbikes that pays for third party damages when the policy holder causes a collision. The comprehensive policy also covers the policy holders’ motorbikes if they are damaged in a collision or fire. If the bike is stolen, the comprehensive cover replaces the motorbike.

If people would like to limit their cover to liability, they may do so to keep their premiums lower. This type of insurance pays for the damages done to third parties only.

Several Other Options

Agreed Value:

If a motorbike is destroyed, some insurance companies will pay the owners the market value, but other insurance companies will work out an agreement with their clients when they write the policy. Sometimes, people make improvements on their motorbikes, and these particular companies will take these modifications into consideration and add this extra value to the agreed value.

Low Usage:

Some people only ride their motorbikes for recreation. When this is the case, they are not driving as many miles, and the insurance companies can offer these people a low usage discount.

Riding Gear:

Everything associated with riding a motorbike may also be insured with some insurance companies. Several items can qualify to be covered under this type of policy, including:

• The helmet

• Gloves

• Leather jackets

• Leather pants

• Boots

• And more

Opportunities for Discounts

Owners of motorbikes may receive a discount on their premiums even if they do not have the no claims bonus. People qualify for this discount if they have never had an accident while riding their motorbikes.
Another way to qualify for a discount is to have a named rider policy. With these policies, only one person will be named as the motorbike’s sole rider, and it entitles the motorbike’s owner to a discount.
Motorbike riders also have the option of the no claims bonus discount. With some insurance companies, the discount can be as high as 60 percent off, and their no claims bonuses may be transferable from one company to another.

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